Why I Quit My Job Without a Backup

Until seven months ago, I was working for an Innovation Center within a large company as a Computer Engineer. Our team was focused on special projects, which means I got to pick my own research topics, present frequently to high-level executives, and travel internationally to tour cutting-edge research facilities. And I absolutely hated it. On paper, […]

5 Mistakes Keeping You Stuck

Whether you are stuck in a job, a relationship, or a living situation you don’t like, making these five mistakes is keeping you miserable. Learn how to avoid these common pitfalls and take the first step towards changing your life. 1. Talking Down to Yourself I wrote a post targeting this mistake a few weeks ago, but […]

The Benefits of Fear

Fear often comes with a negative physical reaction: a clenching feeling in your stomach, elevated heart rate, or sweating. Fear evokes a fight or flight response: getting defensive easily or avoiding confrontation. These reactions evolved to help us deal with life threatening situations, but in daily situations, the constant presence of fear can be exhausting and stressful. So how […]